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Justine has had the gift of sight since she was a young child, now as a degree carrying parapsychologist, she starts to understand that with every gift there is always a curse.


In the novel, Journey of Souls, Justine who is still recovering from the death of her much loved father and the resulting mess of her alcoholic mother starts working as a parapsychologist and discovers a spirit world that she’s always known about but has been a bit afraid to explore. Spectrum Industries employees those who share her fascination with a world many choose not believe in. Along the way she falls in love with the companies’ gorgeous playboy, Patrick, who happens to be as interested in Justine as he is with her gift. Justine encounters characters both living and dead who influence her life and ideas in fabulous and frightening ways. She quickly becomes Spectrum’s most valued employee by being placed is some very vulnerable situations and finds within herself more psychic talent than she ever asked for and in the arms of a wonderful man who has his own ability to show her the ways of life, love and magick.


Justine discovers a family secret that her father had always intended for her to learn but her mother has covered up for years. Is that a Witch she sees in the mirror or have there been too many ghosts to blur her vision?

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Reviews for Journey of Souls:


“I just couldn't put this book down! So gripping....couldn't wait to read the words on the pages to follow.....Highly recommended! You won't be disappointed.”


“I am an avid reader. This book was a great read and I didn't want it to end. Can not wait for the others in the series to see what happens with Justine.” 


“As an avid reader, I could not put his book down! It's superb! I can't wait for the other books to follow!”


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