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The ObjectiveA lot of my friends and fans, tell me that they always wanted to write a book, they just donít know how, or where to start or claim they donít have the time. Then they ask me how I do it. I just write, thatís how I do it. Itís the best answer that I can give. If you want to write, than write! So for this Saint Patrickís Day, I am holding a short story writing contest.


Story Specifications

Main Character: Iris (In Gaelic it means, Goddess of Rainbows)

Setting:Gorlock Castle, Ireland

Genre:Any (Comedy, Drama, Romance, Thriller, etc.)

Length:1500-2000 words

Your story can be any genre and about anything as long as it includes Iris, the castle and is set in Ireland. Other than that, there are no story rules, just have fun!


Contest Rules

        Must be over 18 by the contest deadlineóMarch 18, 2012

        Must not be a published author (with a book deal or current novels on the market.)

        No immediate relatives of Melanie S. Pronia can participate. (Aunts, cousins, etc. are able to)

        Agree that Melanie S. Pronia can use your name and submitted story on her website(s) while you retain full authorship and rights.

        One submission per contestant

        You may send in your submission at any time before the deadline but it must be received by Midnight on March 18.

        By sending in a submission, you are stating that you your story is your own creation, is not plagiarized and Melanie S. Pronia is not responsible in any way for possible rights violations.


The Prize

Either a signed copy of Journey of Souls, or Descent, the winner chooses!




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