In every writer’s life there are important people, places and events that help make them who they are.  I am no different.  I’ve been lucky enough to know some wonderful people, mundane enough to experience some rotten people and having seen much of the U.S., cultured enough to be able to do what I do.  


First, I would like to thank the people who said I couldn’t do it, you just made me more determined. To those who laughed at me, who’s laughing now? And to the publisher who broke my heart, where are you now a days, anyway?


Onto the people who have made a positive different who honestly matter to me:


At the top of that list is my beautiful mother for never doubting me, always encouraging me even when I failed and for being proud of my publishing accomplishments!  She also happens to be one of my biggest fans.


My sister Dawn, my own personal muse, who’s inspired me with her own incredible imagination and pushed me and picked me back up when I fell down.  Thank you Dawn, it’s because of you that I never gave up!  And no, I haven’t forgotten about, If I’d Only Seen the Rose!


My two little boys, who are not so little any more.  They understand what it’s like to live with a writer!  The crazy hours.  The desperate need for coffee in the morning before words are allowed to be spoken.  My kids, who thankfully have great taste in music because I am unable to write without listening to some tunes.  I have told them not to bother me unless the house was burning down or someone was bleeding, and they don’t.  I love you two so very much. 


My daddy, my hero and protector! You gave me the gift of honesty and hard work, not to mention your last name!  I love you Daddy!


Nikki Washington, my drinking buddy, sister Witch, and all around inspiring chic.  You know I love ya girl! I hope to have many more wonderful times with you!


Diane Loftis, what can I say? An eager fan, fellow writer, an angel when I desperately needed a friend.  I know you don’t always think it, but you have become a very dear friend to me. Thank you! Never give up, Di! Fulfill your own writing dreams!


Gidget & Logan:  Sorry guys, I know I always lump you two together!  You’ve helped me broaden my horizons and feel important.  I wouldn’t have half the confidence I have, without having known you two!  Five Sisters would have sucked without you as well!


Bev R. Sninchak:  You are my role model, I love ya lady and hope to be able to meet you one day.  Imagine us with a glass of wine or four! 


Shout outs go to:  My aunts, uncles, cousins, fans and fellow indie authors!  A writer is lost without her fellow authors! 


Non-human Acknowledgments that have helped me to maintain my sanity:  Dr. Pepper (the best damn soda  EVER), Eight O’clock Coffee (bless your hazelnut brew), Coors Light, Peroni Beer, Turning Leaf White Zinfandel, Bold Street Brewery & Snickers Candy Bars!


Authors who inspire me:


Mr. Stephen King for warping my mind at an early age and inspiring the hell out of me!  You know that question we’ve all been asked, if you could meet anyone famous for lunch, who it be?  It would be you. I don’t even have to think about it.


Tami Hoag for giving female authors a darker side of writing while balancing love in a way that isn’t sappy!


Jean M. Auel for going off the grid!  Incredible!


Sylvia Plath, R.I.P., the world loves you now.


John Saul, for being the only author to ever personally respond to an email I sent! Thank you for your encouragement!  I finally made it!


John Maycumber, last but certainly not least, to know a true, real, down to earth author is a gift! This is someone I can bounce around ideas with, discuss the ups and downs of the writing world, vent out my aggravation to, and he makes me laugh until I cry.  Where have you been all my life?


Thank you!


‘Nough said.



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